Here at Blue Mountain Hospital District, we understand that healthcare is evolving. Advances in medicine and strides in technology are providing local communities access to better healthcare. It is our desire to provide the best care in our region.

Key Phone Numbers

Main Hospital: (541) 575-1311

Care Center: (541) 820-3341

Home Health and Hospice: (541) 575-1648

Surgery Clinic: (541) 575-1311

SWCC Family Rural Health Clinic: (541) 575-0404


"Fast Track"
Appointments Now Available
* Time slots are available each day for urgent, non-emergency symptoms such as a sore throat or ear infection.
Call SWCC for your same-day Fast Track appointment! 541-575-0404


Blue Mountain Hospital District
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Strawberry Wilderness Clinic
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Medical Questions After Clinic Hours?
Strawberry Wilderness Community Clinic patients who have medical concerns that occur after clinic hours may call:
1 (888) 681-3590