Hospice Physician

Dr. Zachary Bailey is Blue Mountain Home Health & Hospice Medical Director. He completed his undergraduate at the College of Eastern Utah and University of Utah; attended Medical College of Wisconsin and completed his Residency in Family Medicine at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah during 2006-2009. He began working for Blue Mountain Hospital in 2009.

What brought Dr. Bailey to Grant County? He will tell you that Grant County is a beautiful place with outstanding people. "The community comes together for celebrations like the County Fair, 62 Days, Christmas on the Prairie and Families First's Family Fun Day. They organize to support good causes and families in need with dinners and races. Our childrens' teachers take an interest in our children and are a positive influence in their lives. I have excellent medical partners that care about the people they serve. I love the mountains. We enjoy canoe rides at Magone Lake, family hikes and camping trips in the Strawberry Mountains. I enjoy the feeling of a fish on the line. I enjoy hunting in the fall and watching all of the wildlife that abounds here".

In September of 2012 he became the Director of Blue Mountain Home Health & Hospice. Dr. Bailey says his reasons for becoming a hospice worker were simple, "I enjoy caring for people and I think hospice workers have a unique perspective on life that I can learn from". His favorite part of being a hospice worker? The patients.

If you ask Dr. Bailey about his greatest professional accomplishment, he will tell you that he has found a job he loves.

Dr. Bailey resides in John Day with his wife and children.