How can I get relief from my pain?

At the Blue Mountain Hospital Pain Management Clinic, Interventional Pain Management is used to treat lower back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain.

The goal of Interventional Pain Management is to reduce swelling and inflammation around the nerve, resulting in healing and lower back pain relief.

This treatment option can provide pain relief by the injection of an anti-inflammatory medication (an epidural steroid injection) into the injured or unhealthy area of your spine or joint. If a nerve or series of nerves is identified as the source of your pain, our pain management specialists are able to use this technique to temporarily prevent that nerve from transmitting pain signals.

Epidural steroid injections are commonly given to patients to relieve pain and improve mobility.

During the following period of analgesia, there is a reduction of inflammation. This can result in the affected nerve roots being protected from the harmful and sometimes permanent effects of chronic inflammation. These injections can be a method of "buying time" to allow healing to occur.

For knee joints, a substance called hyaluronan, or hyaluronic acid, can be injected. We already have hyaluronan as an important component of our cartilage. It is responsible for the lubricating properties of normal joint fluid, which allows for the cartilage surfaces of joints to glide upon each other in a smooth fashion. Synvisc, Orthovisc, and Hyalgan are commonly-used brand names of hyaluronan.

This fluid is made from the comb of a rooster because those proteins are similar to the proteins in human joint fluid. By injecting supplemental hyaluronan into a knee joint, it serves as a form of joint lubrication.