What are the benefits of treatment?

Interventional pain management treatments with epidural steroid injections can be more effective than oral medications since the pain-reducing medication is delivered directly to the area that is generating the pain. Treatments may lessen the need for reliance on oral pain medications like Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS), or even narcotics.

Though oral pain medications can be beneficial, long term use of NSAIDs, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen can cause discomfort, and even bleeding in the stomach. Other commonly prescribed drugs for pain relief, such as narcotics, can be addictive over time.

Positive effects in patients have included relief or reduction of pain. Improvement in the ability to walk and/or stand for longer periods of time has been observed in patients who received lumbar spine epidural steroid injections. Many patients have pain relief which typically lasts from several weeks to months, allowing them to resume previous work and leisure activities.

Interventional Pain Management May Help You:

Find effective pain relief

Accelerate the healing process

Better manage your pain on a daily basis

Lessen the need for reliance on NSAIDS or narcotic oral pain medications

Restore function and strength

Resume work or leisure activities

Delay or prevent surgery

Improve your quality of life