Restorative Care with Rehabilitative Services


Our mission at the Blue Mountain Care Center is to provide our residents with the specific services they need. Although we offer advanced care options, often times residents only need to stay a short time to get help recovering from an illness or injury. To meet this need, we offer the option of Restorative Care with Rehabilitative Services.

Our professionals provide restorative care and physical therapy programs with that goal in mind. With this service, residents have the peace of mind to know they are getting better - and that they will return to their own homes.

The Activity Department provides entertaining and educational activities that residents can participate in during their stay for restorative care.

We are eager to share information about the Blue Mountain Care Center. When you meet the staff, you'll have no doubt about the deep care they have for every person at the center.

To arrange a tour and a meeting, call (541) 820-3341.