Volunteer Opportunities

The Blue Mountain Hospital District welcomes volunteers to help in several phases of our operations. Your time helping us means we can provide more services to more people, right here in Grant County.

Auxiliary and Gift Shop: Our organization can always use help in the many areas we serve the hospital, from helping to staff the gift shop to helping put on our annual Holiday Bazaar. Join us and you'll share time with people dedicated to seeing Grant County can afford the very best medical care possible. To volunteer, call the hospital at 541-575-1311.

Blue Mountain Ambulance: Paramedic service wouldn't be possible without the devoted volunteers. To volunteer, contact the Ambulance Director @ 541-575-1311.

You can help at three levels:

Drivers: Volunteers respond with paramedics to emergencies, providing the transportation, freeing the paramedics to tend to patients. Drivers must be approved by the director of the ambulance service and receive basic training.

Emergency Medical Responders: These are crucial first responders who can provide immediate, basic care in an emergency. Training is provided at Blue Mountain Hospital.

Emergency Medical Technicians: This requires a college-level training course through Blue Mountain Community College.

Blue Mountain Care Center: You can brighten the day of a senior citizen with a visit. You will make new friends you will cherish, guaranteed. There is no minimum time commitment and you will get direction and support from the center's activities staff. A criminal background check is required to ensure the safety of our residents. To volunteer, contact Blue Mountain Care Center at 541-820-3341.

Hospice: Volunteers are the backbone of the hospice team; at Blue Mountain Hospice, volunteers are a valuable part of the care our agency provides. We are continually looking for individuals who are interested in making a difference in the life of another. Call us at 541-575-1648 for more information.

Have an idea for volunteering you don't see here? Call us and let's see what might be possible. Call the hospital at 541-575-1311.