Blue Mountain Home Health

Our goal in the Home Health Department is to do everything we can help you stay in your home when recovering from a serious illness or injury. This often means more convenient and less expensive service that otherwise might be necessary. We know that just being home can be a powerful medicine on the road to recovery.

Medical Care: In-home visits from our professional, caring nurses provide a range of medical services. We can help manage medications and IV regimens, routine changes of dressings, and any aftercare needed following surgery or other medical procedure. We can help with monitoring diabetes care. Our nurses work closely with your physician to be alert to any needs on your path to recovery. All services are under the supervision of our medical director, Dr. Zachary Bailey.

Restorative Care: In-home visits from our professional therapists can speed recovery and improve comfort. Physical, speech and occupational therapy are among the services available to you in your own home.

Personal Care: Home health aides can help with daily living needs such as bathing, meal preparation, light housekeeping and other personal needs.

Equipment: If your physician prescribes necessary medical equipment, such as oxygen systems or a hospital bed, we help arrange that it's delivered and set up at your home.

Home Safety: Our experts can survey your home and recommend safety features that could prevent falls and other injuries.

Financial: Services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance. Privately-paid service can also be arranged.

On-site Clinics
We offer four clinics on-site in our office located at 422 West Main Street, John Day, Oregon:

     Wound Clinic
-Working from your physician orders, we provide various types of wound care for any type of diagnosis. We have a registered nurse available who has advanced training in wound care.

     Foot Clinic
-This is a 1-hour appt with a foot soak and mask while sitting in our spa chair. Diabetic foot care is done by a RN and the non-diabetic care completed by the CNA. This is not billable to insurance and is $35.00 out of pocket. These services are also available remotely in Monument/Long Creek on the days the SWCC provider is in the outreach clinic. No MD referral is needed.

     Foley Catheter Clinic
-This is billed to insurance and is for those who have indwelling foley catheters. Foley catheter care is completed by the nurse with a MD order.

     Ear Irrigation Clinic
-This also can be billed to insurance or is available using self-pay. We use a water irrigation system to safely and effectively remove impacted wax from the ears.

Who can use home health services?

Your physician determines that you qualify for home health services because of circumstances. You may be homebound because of your medical condition, you can't leave home without special help, or leaving your home requires a taxing effort. Give us a call to discuss your circumstances and how our program can benefit you.

Let's talk!

We're happy to more fully explain our services and answer any questions you have about how our services can help you or your family. You may reach us at 541-575-1648.