Rehabilitation Services Department

Partners in Your Recovery

Professionally-managed rehabilitative services are crucial to rapid and effective recovery from injury or illness. Blue Mountain Hospital's Rehabilitation Services Department works with you and your health care provider to design a therapy program to meet your individual needs. Our job is to help you in regaining mobility and function.

Physical Therapy Treatment: Our licensed therapists are "movement specialists," designing treatment to reduce pain, restore movement and improve your overall health. We can help you develop a more active lifestyle or return you to normal activities following surgery or injury. We can also help you in areas of balance and fall prevention. In some instances, adjunct therapies such as acupuncture may also be used to assist you in reaching your treatment goals.

Occupational Therapy: Recovering from injuries can be challenging. The goal of occupational therapy is to support health and active living through engagement in occupations.

Speech Therapy: This type of therapy may be helpful after a traumatic injury or stroke. The focus is on improving the abilities to express oneself and to understand spoken words.

Physicians: Our therapists work directly with your personal physician and other specialists to ensure you get the very best treatment for the best results.

Service Location: We care for you by appointment in the Rehabilitation Services Department at the hospital. Therapy is also available to admitted hospital patients, those receiving home health care, and for residents of Blue Mountain Care Center.

Home Exercise: Continuing regular exercise is the best way to maintain the gains made through physical therapy. Our therapists can design an individualized home exercise program you can use on your own. Even a short series of exercises can keep you feeling better.

Training & Education: Therapists have attained post-graduate degrees, are nationally certified and state licensed. They engage in continuing education to bring Grant County the very best in physical therapy techniques. You can learn more about our staff members by clicking on the "MEET OUR TEAM" link below:


Who can use rehabilitative services?

Give us a call to discuss your circumstances and how our highly skilled therapists can benefit you. Your physician or treating specialist also assesses the need for physical therapy and prescribes the appropriate treatment. Some insurers may not require such a referral to cover your treatment.
Financial Information
Services are covered by private insurance, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, worker's compensation insurance, and Medicaid. Privately-paid service can also be arranged. We can help you assess your insurance coverage before services begin.

Let's talk!

We're happy to more fully explain our services and answer any questions you have about how our services can help you or your family. Contact us at (541) 575-4157 or send an email to